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Fujitsu RX300 S6 Server

We've got 4 Fujitsu RX300 S6 Servers (6 x 3.5" drive slots) with dual Zeon X5620 cpu / 128GB ram / LSI Megaraid adapter SAS - no disks. A couple of them have additional network adapters 4 x 1Gb. 

The servers are in Bolton and just looking for any offer in the region of £175


Net2 Switch Control Units



We have 5x Paxton Switch2 Control units (boards only. no housing/power supply ect) no longer require as the doors have been upgraded to Net2 Plus. 


Small donation to the school welcomed in exchange for the units. 



TabCabby 32H

We are selling our old TabCabby as seen in the picture. We have since upgraded the system to Chromebooks, which has meant the lap-safe has had to be upgraded in the process. The unit, functionally, is perfect. It did have an issue with the time clock and the old one stopped working. The one that is currently in it is the newer model and monitors temperature. 

The unit holds 32 tablets and has a standard 3 pin power plug. It is the older model, as I think the newer ones allow you to connect directly into USB power banks rather than ports. Not sure really as I inherited this unit and I very much doubt we will be going down the tablet router anyway. The wheels are good and the break for the wheels are good on it and it has no bad areas in terms of damaged. You will get a single key, so take this into account. They are generic anyway, so no problems getting replacements. I do recall speaking to Lapcabby re lost keys and they sent me some FOC. You are more than welcome to come and have a look. 

We are looking for around £200 for it.


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