Membership Information

Membership to the ADME is free, and the future meetings will be free for all members to attend.

Membership of the ADME is free, and includes access to the Portal, and attendance at all future meetings.

In addition to the online community in the Member Portal, the following are also available:

  • Member Offers
  • Opportunities to Collaborate
  • Signature Logo/Badge


Member Offers
 10% off
Management & Training Platform

Information about how to take advantage of the offers can be found in the Member Portal.

Opportunities to Collaborate

We try to give members as many opportunities to get involved as possible, so when we're approached to collaborate on an article, all members get the opportunity to get involved.

Some recent examples of ADME / ANME collaborations can be seen below:

Testimonials from Members & Partners

  • The day I joined it helped me with alternatives to the expensive SIMS support.
    It is very easy to use and has many additional pieces of information on the website as well as the forums themselves.

    Rowena Gaiger